Hello Digital Believer and Welcome to Umital!

We help companies like yours become future-proof. Now, let’s find out if we can add value to your company…with just 5 short questions:

  1. Are employees able to translate business and digital strategy to their work and processes?
  2. Do employees have the right knowledge and skills to work in a virtual, online or global environment to ensure that your company stays profitable?
  3. Who are your digital leaders and do you know how they can impact positive change?
  4. Do you know how everyone can contribute to your digital first strategy?
  5. Are people motivated and able to share knowledge and expertise with other teams and individuals in your company?

The emergence of new technologies not only requires a (digital) transformation in (HR) processes. It also requires a change of mindset & continuous learning in the workplace. Different types of business environments favor different managerial approaches. While the investment strategies may differ from company to company, the objective remains the same: to reimagine and reconstruct the business to compete in the increasingly digital economy, to become client-centered & to stay ahead.

Digital transformation basically involves your entire business – It requires a cultural change, new skills, upskilling your people and the courage to step outside the box of a company’s past history. Umital was founded to close the gap between digital first strategy & workplace reality. We help organizations to design & implement adaptive, sustainable solutions powered by your human capital & the newest people technology.

Our Believers

We support organizations to secure tomorrow’s results by focusing on human capital.